congogirl (congogirl) wrote,

DRC News in brief.

First, the DRC supreme court has validated the poll results and made official Kabila's claim to the presidency for another five years.  They have also rejected Bemba's contention of the poll results.

Second, Bemba has accepted defeat, although he still does not believe in Kabila's victory.

And third, a volcano erupted in eastern DRC but did not cause any casualties.  I went to the website hoping for a photo of the volcano, Mount Nyamulagira, but there was only a photo of lava covering Goma that came from Mount Nyiragongo in 2002.  The expert cited in the IRIN report stated that Nyiragongo's lava formed a barrier that prevented the recent eruption farther north from reaching populated spots.
Tags: africa, dr congo, elections, goma, kinshasa, news, volcano

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