April 24th, 2008

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Penis Theft Panic redux

It's pretty amazing that nobody commented on Penis Theft in Kinshasa, but despite the lack of popularity of this topic, I have more to say about it...

We were having a nice dinner last night, two girlfriends and I, when one of them said, have you heard about the penis snatching?  The other one chimed right in, and I admit to being completely in the dark.

My colleague is conducting a training, and apparently her counterpart here in Kinshasa said that his wife had warned him to be careful of public transport.  It is likely that he could be a victim of sorcery without knowing merely by being bumped on the bus.  This would result in his penis disappearing, perhaps not to other people, but he himself would not be able to see it.  Shrinkage is another possible sign of sorcery.

He told his wife he would be careful and then reported that apparently men had taken to protecting themselves by walking around town with a Bible down their pants.